(Pollachius pollachius) 


Reaching sizes up to 130 cm (10 kg).



The pollack is closely related to the saithe, but its skin is darker and more colorful (orange/brownish). The dark line along the side is curved and the eyes are big. The pollack is a very common fish along the Norwegian coast. It is found from 1 - 300 meters depth. In the summer and fall the pollack is found on shallow waters, some living and feeding in the sea weed. The pollack is then a common specie for those who like shore fishing. Though there are some spawning grounds in the North Sea, it also spawns along the southwestern coast of Norway. The pollack prefer temperate waters, and as the sea temperature fall during the winter, the pollack leave the shallow costal areas headed for deeper waters. The youngest fish stay in the costal areas for several years. The oldest fish are normally found off coast on deep water. The main food for the pollack is herring, sprat, shrimps and bottom fauna. The pollack only gather in shoals during spawning.



The pollack is common, but not a very important fish for Norwegian fishermen. It is a popular specie for anglers, both shore fishing and sea fishing. Though the meat is good, it has a special flavor: Either you like it - or you don`t.  


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Distribution (blue) and spawing grounds (red). Caught in net on 5 meters depth. 1 cod and 4 pollack.

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